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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Essential 4 D's of Magick

Magick is the gathering, programming, and releasing of energy for a specific purpose, usually to manifest change in some way. Spells are the structured methods used to create these magical changes. These changes, whether large or small, for good or ill, have an effect on the world around us, with far reaching consequences, some of which we may not be able to anticipate, or even see until much later down the road. This is why it is incredibly important to not just go off on a whim, and throw energy out there without serious forethought and preparation. It is far easier to take the extra time to do what is right than it is to undo a spell that has already been cast. But, what really should you do before casting a spell of any kind?

It has been my experience that there are 4 D’s that should be attended to for proper spellcasting, even, and especially, when one feels rushed for time. When we rush into things, mistakes are made. These 4 D’s are:

1.  Divination

2.  Deliberation

3.  Due Diligence

4.  Determination

    Divination is often the most over looked first step to spellcasting. We become so determined to do something, positive or negative, that we often fail to look and see if we should do it, and what some of the collateral effects may be. Taking a moment to use whatever divination tool you like, or even getting a reading from a trusted confidant, to ask the universe for your best course of action can save you a lot of time and make sure your energy is being directed properly. You may want a new position at work, but are unaware that they are cutting that position out in 2 months. You may have decided to hex person A for some wrong you are certain they committed, when what you are unaware of is that it was really person B. It never hurts to take a moment to get a little divine perspective before we go charging into something with lasting ramifications. 

Once you have done some divination, give yourself a little time for some Deliberation. Allow yourself the time to really process what you have learned. This is also the time when you use that information to sort out what type of spell to use, as well as what best to focus your energy on. Deliberating on the issue at hand allows us to sift down to the core of the issue, giving us a clear path to follow to our goal, as well as maneuvering us clear of some pitfalls, such as collateral damage. Again, it is far easier to take some time to deliberate than it is to undo energies we have already set in motion.

This is often the point where the decision is made not to act, or an easy, mundane solution is found. There is this misconception that a Witch must cast a spell for every need, or fling a hex at every slight. This is definitely not the case. While it doesn’t hurt to stay in practice, remember that Magick is not the solution to every situation.  The Gods do expect us to be able to sort out our own problem on a mundane level whenever possible. I am not saying that Magick should be a last resort, but rather it should not be your only solution. And where hexes and curses are involved, you should always be very certain before undertaking these forms of Magick. Again, some things cannot be undone.

If you have chosen, after careful consideration, to use Magick, your next step is to give your preparations proper Due Diligence. This refers to the work that goes into actually creating your spell. You need to sit and write it out. What candles are you going to use? Does the Moon need to be in a certain phase? Do you need to research a God or Goddess? Have you set aside enough time, or found a good space? Magick should not be done half-heartedly. It deserves a proper amount of due diligence. Putting in the work will generally yield a more favorable outcome.

Once you have your spell written out, all of your items gathered, and you are ready to go, it is time to utilize that final D, Determination. The prep work is really only half the battle. For the final push, you need to have a laser-focused intent on your goal, a determination that borders on an obsession. It is this determination that helps you build the energy you need to fuel your Magick and achieve the desired outcome. Going through the motions of a spell or ritual without really being determined to see your goal manifest is completely pointless. You can light all the candles in the world and not see a thing manifest, or even end up with a contrary result, if your head isn’t in the work. Just as it is incredibly important to not just go off on a whim, and throw energy out there without serious forethought and preparation, it is also vital to be sure that you are 100% focused on what you are doing.

Magick is not something to be toyed with, not taken seriously, or approached with a half-hearted attitude. The 4 D’s – Divination, Deliberation, Due Diligence and Determination- ensure that you are really giving whatever form of Magick you choose to use the respect and awareness that it deserves. Anything less could not only lead to failed spellwork, but can also have negative effects. When you utilize these energies, you are not only using your own personal energy, but tapping into the energies of the Universe itself. And, these energies are not to be taken lightly. Following this process can yield your desired outcome.

Good Luck, and Happy Casting,

L. Sherman

The urban crone