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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Crone's Suggested Reading List

Off to the side of my Blog, you will see that I have a suggested reading list. These books are ones I have read myself over the years and feel that they offer a fair amount of knowledge and understanding of their respective subjects. They are authors I respect for what they know and their willingness to share their knowledge with the community at large. I will go through from time to time and edit the list, removing books that I have changed my mind about or that I have found a better source for that topic, as well as adding other books that I feel really have alot to offer, and are worth the time to read.
You will also notice that the list is sectioned off by "beginner", "advanced" and "reference". My reasoning for this is that there are some books that are great, just not right for someone first starting their path. And, there are some books that should be read by all beginners so that they understand what they are getting themselves into.
There are two books in particular, one by Marion Green and one by Isaac Bonewits, that I label as one to be read first and second. These books really give not only a fantastic overview of Wicca and Witchcraft, but a realistic one. It is not uncommon for beginners to read a book full of light, glitter and fluff, and expect for Wicca to be just that. These books prevent that misconception, and put one's feet heading in a good direction.
There is nothing wrong, by the way, with buying used books from places like Halfprice Books,, and the like. These are books people don't want anymore and you are not only doing them a favor by taking them off of someone's hands (at a nice price), but you are doing your share for the environment. Ebooks are way cool as well, as long as you get them from a reputable site that has the author's permission. Pirated copies of books are like stealing because you are not compensating the author for their time and effort.
Finally, these books are like me giving my opinion. I am suggesting these. I am not saying that every Wiccan or Pagan should read these books or they suck. When people come to me and ask me for reading material, these are the books I point them to. I hope they help you on your spiritual journey.

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