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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Deck Reviews

   I have decided to start writing reviews on some of the Tarot, Oracle and Lenormand decks that I acquire. I am doing this because there are a number of deck I have gotten that I wish someone would have said, "hey you aren't going to like that deck." And there are a number of decks I have passed on that I wish someone would have said, "hey, this deck has some cool stuff you might like." There are also mass market decks that are born with tons of hype, only to be disappointments, and small press decks born quietly in the dark that are masterpieces. This will level the playing field somewhat.
  My deck reviews are my opinion of the deck, subject to my own preferences and biases when it comes to decks. I am purchasing these with my own money, so I have that right. But, keep in mind that behind my opinion is 25 years of experience as a teacher and professional Reader, as well as an avid deck collector. I am not saying you absolutely have to agree with me, but I would like you to at least keep in mind where I am coming from on this.
  My review will look at a variety of aspects of the deck, from artwork to card quality to readability to the companion book/booklet and so on. I will write a full review and then also offer a review at a glance at the end of the article which will look like this:

Overall: this will be on a scale of 0 to 5 wands, 0 being just awful to 5 being amazing.

Card stock quality: I am picky about this as it effects the shufflability (yup, made that up) of the deck. This will range from awful (with an explanation as to why) to excellent.

Card size: I have small hands so the card size does figure into how I feel about a deck. This will also range from awful (again, with an explanation) to excellent.

Book/Booklet Quality: I generally do not read much into the companion materials that come with decks but I know some people do, and with some decks, like Oracle decks, it is even necessary. For this reason, I will review this as well, with a range from awful to excellent.

Collectability: I am an avid, almost rabid, collector of decks. I have found over the years that there are some decks worth having in your collection and some that just aren't (unless you insist on having everything ever printed). This will range from not collectible (with explanation) to very collectible.

Reader level: This is important to me. Not all decks are meant for beginners. They just aren't. There are some decks that really require you to have some understanding of the meanings and symbolism of Tarot before you can really read with them. And there are some decks that are actually pretty clear cut and easy to read with. I will range this from Beginner to Expert, and try to make clear what I mean as applies to each deck.
Again, these will be based on my own personal opinions and experiences. I am not saying that it is the gospel according to all things, but I am hoping that it offers a valuable tool when you consider buying a deck.
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